1-Day Dentures

If you need new dentures now, we can help – it’s just a “fairy” ride away.

1-Day Dentures for Instant Transformation

At Fairy Tale Dental, our 1-day dentures are magical. A patient comes to the office in the morning with teeth that need special attention and may seem un-restorable. We send the patient home with a beautiful smile that same afternoon. These smiles are custom-made affordably in-house by the doctor. Making our dentures allows us to custom-fit them to you, trying them on several times throughout the appointment ensuring the perfect fit, function and aesthetics. Denture supporting implants are also available in the same-day.

Getting your one-day dentures is easy and comfortable. Just follow our 5 steps:

  1. Call for an appointment.
  2. Payment at the time of service or we can assist you to sign up for Care Credit.
  3. Schedule your visit; please plan to arrive by 8 am on the day of your appointment. We’ll have you out the door for a lunch break and then back for surgery and fitting (check out our local amenities).
  4. You can either stay the night on the island or head back home with an escort to stay in your own bed.
  5. We’ll follow up with you the next day to ensure you made it home safely and everything is feeling great!



Office Hours – 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday, on-call on weekends and holidays.

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Payment due at time of service. Cash, Credit, or Care Credit financing