Transformative Dentistry

Transforming Smiles

Dr. Lincoln uses the latest dental technologies to create complete smile transformations.

“Dr. Lincoln has impacted my life in such positive way that no other dentist has been able to… For the first time, I’m all smiles – with teeth all showing!”

Christine Pucci

Transforming Lives

Customers who have transformed smiles have a new outlook on life. They are healthier, happier and more hopeful.

“Dr. Lincoln is amazing!!! She brings the perfect blend of art and science to her patients andthe results are nothing less than spectacular!!! After nearly three decades of hiding my teeth when smiling, I am finally able to relax and feel at ease.”

Tres Cozine

Transforming Treatment

Dr. Lincoln employs the power of stories and songs and her gentle touch for a unique and transformed experience.

“She is exceptionally caring, patient, and warm. I felt calm and refreshed when I left her office…. like I’d been to a spa. I am aglow and my teeth look great! We are so lucky to have her on the island.”

Kate Melia

Fairy Tale Dental is personal dentistry with a magical touch. From the moment you step in the office, Dr. Lincoln will greet you herself, listening to you and working with you to determine the right treatment that will bring your best smile out for the world to see.

Being in Dr. Lincoln’s care is like having a real fairy who touches your heart, heals you, and makes miracles happen.


Dr. Lincoln transforms lives by restoring smiles!

(206) 488-8006

Office Hours – 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday, on-call on weekends and holidays.

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Payment due at time of service. Cash, Credit, or Care Credit financing